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Why do most remodeling projects end with in disappointment? 

How can everybody get it wrong.  Why do remodeling companies avoid the most important part of the remodeling process?

It’s a lack of understanding of the important issue at hand.  Even most professionals in the industry get it wrong.

There is one element when done right almost assures a successful remodeling project.  It’s Design.  This is where it all begins.  Get this wrong and your toast.  PERIOD.

The problem is that the remodeling industry looks at design as a necessary evil.  Because it costs money that can’t be seen.

Excellent design is the equivalent of quality insulation in the walls of your home.  Without the insulation, you pay through the nose in utility bills.  Same goes for design, without high quality design, you will pay dearly with added construction costs.  And not to mention your remodeling project that falls short of your expectations.

Higher Costs & Bad Results are not a recipe for success.  Without excellent design, that will be your result.  Design is the greatest opportunity for the success of your remodel.

You must have a qualified designer.  This is where the trouble begins.  Most contractors do the design themselves or, have a lowly paid draftsman to manage the process.  That doesn’t cut it.

You need a highly trained and experience professional that’s primary focus is on providing solutions for building issues.  You need a professional that know construction inside and out.  And you need a professional that can deliver a design that makes your home everything you imagined at a price you can afford.

Where do you find such a person?

It’s truly difficult.  That’s because almost everybody that builds claims that they can design.  So how do you know the real deal when you see it.

Separating the Fakes & Frauds
You need a designer that is raved about by consumers and industry professionals alike.  This is where to start.

Next is education and licensing.  Did you realize that there are no requirements for the designer on your home remodel.  But, the school your children go to is designed by a highly educated and proven professional that is certified by the state.

Don’t you want the same for your home.  What makes it any less important?  Aren’t you spending your hard earned money?

Don’t Settle For Less
You need a licensed professional.  Hire an architect.  It can be much cheaper than you think.  Remember the old adage, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.  This is more important than ever on the remodel of your home.

Find a design team that has at least passed the minimum requirements of the state for knowledge and ability.   While you are at it, make sure the that your professional has the respect and admiration of industry professionals which includes sub-contractors.

SAVE Money
The respect of sub-contractors is where you will enjoy the savings on your project.  There is only one way to gain their respect.  Have buildable plans that make sense.  Plans are your contract with the contractor.  They are the basis for the contract between your builder and his subs.  And, they are the foundation for the achievement of your goals.

Don’t settle for a team that places design second.  DESIGN IS THE FOUNDATION FOR YOUR SUCCESS.

You need a team that puts its money where its mouth is.  You need a team that uses a highly trained and licensed professional architect.

At Dynamic Desert Homes, we have that issue solved.  We have an ‘in house’ architect.  One with over 2 decades of experience and over 20,000 homes that have been built in Arizona from his plans and designs.

See how our team will bring creative solutions that will save money.  Call Will today at 602.763.5254.  You have nothing to loose and a beautiful home of your dreams to gain.